sexta-feira, julho 11, 2008


The world is my expense, The cost of my desire, Jesus blessed me with its future, And I protect it with fire, So raise your fists and march around, Dont dare take what you need, I'll jail and bury those committed, And smother the rest in greed, Crawl with me into tomorrow, Or i'll drag you to your grave, I'm deep inside your children, They'll betray you in my name... Hey! Sleep now in the fire!

Yeah, neva forget that tha wip snapped ya back, Ya spine cracked for tobacco, oh I'm the Marlboro man, uh, Our past blastin' on through the verses, Brigades of taxi cabs rollin' Broadway like hearses, Troops strippin' zoots, shots of red mist, Sailors blood on tha deck, come sista resist, From tha era of terror check this photo lens, Now tha city of angels does the ethnic cleanse, Uh, heads bobbin' to tha funk out ya speaker, on tha one Maya, Mexica, That vulture came to try and steal ya name, But now you found a gun, you're history, this is for the people of the sun!

Environment... The environment exceeding on the level Of our unconciousness, For example What does the billboard say? Come and play, come and play, Forget about the movement! YOUR ANGER IS A GIFT!!! Freedom, yeah, FREEDOM!!!!

Voltem sempre, concerto fabuloso (só pecou pelos curtos 75m!).

Os maiores pá, vocês é que são os maiores!!!

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