quinta-feira, setembro 11, 2008

Para não esquecer a data

I'm all right, Tell me you're all right? Almost there, Barely here...
I knew that this day would have to come,
Wailing on the wall Watching giants fall
I know there's a message to receive
Written in debris It's meaning's hard to see
The loss of innocence means nothing in the new world
All our hands are red, everyone is guilty now

I'm all right... Tell me you're all right Stop my eyes ... Open wide

Another idiot glued to the box
Frozen to the screen Scared to turn it off
Quiet shock gives way to righteousness
Rattle on the bars, vengeance will be ours
Fanatics on their knees pray for a swift and just revenge
Become what they condemn Mirror image men

Hands across America, let's catch contact hysteria
Our flag erects from broken homes July 4 for evermore
Colors of democracy Fly from every SUV
The Misspelled bumper sticker's here
Where did all the honor students go?
Numbers on the news, This time with familiar names
This time on familiar ground This reality in your back yard
So the fences fall Will you redefine them all?
Will you choose shelter or empathy?

The world we share has come too close With borders blown from glass
We collect stones and cast them

They say the party never stops but I know we cannot get off ...

Another idiot comes on the box
Breathing privileged air Preaching to the fair
Rallying one muscle under god
Leading on the cheer Leaning on their fears

The state of ignorance means nothing to the faithful
God is with us now
They disregard the world beyond the wall

Joey Cape

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